Welcome to the New PainMed P.C. Website

Welcome to the new website for PainMedPC. If you are one of our current
patients I hope that you will find our new website helpful and easier to
use. There is a link to the patient portal at the bottom of each page –
where you are able to login, plus we’ve added online new patient forms
that you can complete prior to your first appointment.

If this is your first visit to PainMedPC.com – I hope that you will take a
moment to read more about our services and the conditions we treat. We
have been specializing in the treatment of pain and chronic pain for over
20 years. Our practice is committed to providing a pain management program
that is customized for each patient.

At PainMed P.C. our first priority is insuring that every patient receives
quality healthcare. The relationship between a physician and his or her
patient is one built on mutual trust and respect. We believe that we are
trained and experienced in making effective medical decisions that, when
combined with the cooperation and involvement of our patients, respond
positively to their specific healthcare needs.

If you have any questions about our practice or services, please don’t
hesitate to contact our office. If you are interested in learning more
about chronic pain relief – please take a moment to follow PainMedPC on
Facebook and Twitter.

Thank You,
Dr. Michael Toshok
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